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Lucy & Kate. Australian!
someof the gifs were made by us - using images we found on the world.wide.web. The other pictures are just funny, cool, sweet, petty, amazing pics we want to share - some edited by us !

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are you calling me fat?


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The center of the photo frame is transparent  It will be the same color as your blog background

Such is life.


heres the video for our song heartbreak girl! check it out!
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So… we have some pretty BIG news! we’re going on One Direction’s 2013 world tour as their support act! were coming to the uk, north america, new zealand and australia (excl. europe)!! HOW THE HELL AND WHY ARE WE GOING ON THE 1D TOUR? Well a little while ago a lad by the name of Louis Tomlinson stumbled across a video of ours on YouTube, and long story short he showed the rest of the guys and they really liked what we were doing. One Direction wanted a band to come on tour with them! And well, we are a band and it’s so cool that we are what they wanted! We have known for a little while but have not been allowed to tell anyone until today. We have been so desperate to tell you. But now we can’t wait to show the world our tunes! And we cannot wait to make you all proud!To the incredibly dedicated and amazing fans that have been here from the start and the amazing fans that support us now. This is a journey we all are going on, not just us boys in the band, but all of you!Really looking forward for this next year. we love you guys soooo much and cant wait to hopefully play in your country and you can come and watch us! thank you all again we appreciate every little thing you do for us. thank you!!- mikey, ashton, luke & cal. xxxx